Little You

                    I’m sifting through old photos of you as a little kid– Grinning, jumping, mugging, hugging, Digging in the mud beneath my garden sunflowers, In dog-piles of kids and pets, All boy, all action, in love with the world– And I miss you so much I … Continue reading

4/15/14: Lunar Eclipse With BFF

4/15/14: Lunar Eclipse With BFF

    The two of us on the wide lawn at midnight Watching the moon disappear into a ruddy smear With blankets and popcorn We are middle aged women Fat and happy Though we gripe about old bones And stiff hips Worry about aging parents and Children who are launching As you nestle closer for … Continue reading

Isa (Standstill)

Isa (Standstill)

  Stand still Let the icy winds of Winter Blow right through Till you are clear And crystalline. Unmoved, Dispassionately allow death To silence Your least Breath.   Then, wait.   In stillness Stand And listen As the wisdom wind Blows you away, cell by cell.   Then Still Wait.   The winds will die … Continue reading

4/9/14:  Sometimes Life Goes Drip…Drip…Drip…

4/9/14: Sometimes Life Goes Drip…Drip…Drip…

  Sometimes Life goes drip… drip… drip… …. … drip… When we most yearn for the current to carry us downstream into the great river that will take us–we are certain–to our Destiny.   And yet, here we are.   Stagnant. Waiting, Dry and discouraged. Turning the spigot, checking the pipes, fearing the  heart will dry up and blow away. … Continue reading

4/7/14: We Belong

Walking the trail today though the lovely Sycamores beside the tiny suburban stream sometimes choked with weeds and sometimes foaming with something that does NOT belong in a natural waterway, I think Everything IS perfect. I DO belong. Even with my widening shadow and thinning hair soaked with sweat, Even with my tendency to over worry, Despite my … Continue reading

4/4/14: Whale Sighting in a Dream

  The harbor is crowded and loud, unpleasant, with masts and bathers beneath a darkening sky. But just there, a whale floats silently raising one fin a purposeful gesture. Such a small, tremendous thing in this busy picture, but I see and hurry into the water in my new dress shoes, yearning to receive that … Continue reading

4/2/14: Sometimes An Extraordinary Day

  Sometimes an extraordinary day is best lived as an ordinary day. Wake up when your dreams are done, Cuddle the dog, stroking her silken fur and kissing her snout at least a dozen times, Coffee and toast, with just a bit of jam, Walking with said dog in the bright, crisp, billowy day Among … Continue reading